What is the attraction of antiques?

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Antique things… Why do they so often fascinate us, forcing us to stay for a long time near museum exhibits and antique goods? Retro… Antique… Vintage… Often the practicality of the items included in this classification is by no means their strong side, however, the price (or value?) Of antiquity with ease will give the price of a modern ultra-tech heap.

For what do people pay this high price? Just for the sake of entourage or thoughtless investment of capital? But there are so many other ways to attach extra money too much more liquid valuables, and modern items “under the old days” are often not distinguishable from the original, except at a price, sometimes tens and hundreds of times lower than antique. So, I believe, many will agree with me: anything, not necessarily very beautiful or comfortable, useful or decorative, has its own aura, energy field. Undoubtedly, this energy will get something from the living hands of an artisan directly involved in its creation, rather than from a soulless robot-collector or press stamp. uzikat.com will satisfy every client and open a door to the wonderful world.

Manual labour has always been highly valued, and quality hand-made products too. But it’s not just about labour costs… Can you imagine a master watchmaker or wood carver, or a glass blower who hates his work? Yes, no zhist! He who chooses a handicraft, and not just a craft, but art, by definition, is engaged in it by a great inclination, love and vocation. And it is quite natural that the silver Breguet, the exquisite casket, the quaint multicolour lily, ringing with the crystal – all these works carry the charge of the remarkable positive energy of the masters who created them. And what if the master sometimes created in the hours of irritation and indignation, or even was a man of wickedness? Anything can happen, and, by itself, the negative from his personality was transferred to the product. But you know the wise saying “Time puts everything in its place”? A thing that stores a negative charge, as a rule, does not serve for a long time, it always breaks down, falls on the foot, clings to anything, delivers a headache and cares to the owner, not to mention the utterly palpable discomfort that radiates it.