Why is Your Showbox not Working

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Showbox is the amazing app which allows you to stream free movies and TV shows. The wide selection offers options in all categories, including action, adventure, comedies, family, romantic, thriller, horror, fantasy, science-fiction and many more. Sort them the way you like, add them to lists, download on your devices or share with other people. You can do all of it here completely free. No registration, no sharing e-mails, and other data. Just a pure joy of getting to watch the beloved movies and TV shows from the comfort of your smartphone at home or on the go.
Sometimes users face cases when their app is not working or the work is constantly interrupted.
You need to understand that there can be three things to blame.
When you download Showbox for Android, you will have to keep your hand on the pulse and update the app manually and regularly. It will not only refresh the content and add new releases, but some possible glitches will be removed in the updated versions.
In addition, your phone needs to be checked for the amount of free space. If you run too many apps in the background, your phone simply runs out of space and cannot run Showbox properly. Close the apps in the background (at least those you don’t need at the moment) and the problem will probably be gone. If you do not know how to do it, you can restart the phone and all the apps will be closed. Always keep in mind that your smartphone needs resources to stream HD movies and keep the platform fully functional.
Another reason is very simple – poor Internet connection. Check your speed and accept that it might take a couple of minutes for a movie to upload. If you often have problems with the Internet speed, you can download the movies when you have access to Wi-Fi and then watch it anytime offline.
In case the app is working fine but you cannot enjoy the show in full screen, you’ll need to change the settings. You probably have the internal player set as default. Change it to external and the videos will open in full screen.
Showbox is a very popular app that delivers you the best experience of streaming online movies for free. The library is being updated regularly securing the wide selection to satisfy even the most demanding audience. Look through the list of genres and discover tons of amazing content in HD quality.