New Problems with Anonimity – Besmixer Helps to Avoid Them

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The reality is that nobody can stay invisible, personal data, names and addresses are available for everybody who wants to get them. Particularly it’s all about those who change and send cryptocurrency from client to client or from company to company. If you don’t want to stay unprotected read this article.

The need of using special services like Bestmixer

The information about you and the recipient can come into the government, companies’ and cybercriminals’ hands. As a consequence, people lose their money and find out they broke some new laws. For preventing it use special services which mix the currency with coins from their funds and return the same amount of money but without saving the personal data. One of them is crypto mixer.

Features that make this service reliable

Bestmixer offers the clients a high level of security because the data centers location is unknown to anyone. Also, the order history is removed in 24 hours so nobody will know you sent cryptocurrency. The coins you sent to the funds won’t be returned, all currency is new so the connection between the first and the second addresses are removed.

The way Bestmixer works

It’s very easy to start using this service. Just fill in the recipient’s address, choose the fund you want to mix the coins in and the time of transaction delay. There’re three options of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin but the developers are going to add Ethereum soon. As a result, your coins are exchanged to the others and nobody knows your name, address and origin.

We hope you have the anonymity problem on the mind. Time is changing fast so you should react to new challenges.