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Since the beginning of time, the value of our income and assets has been evolving over the years, and money has been a way of communicating to represent one of the essential forms of trust worldwide.

Money represents the value of a large part of the things that we have and what we want, is the confidence in the stability of a control system of change that we use every day to perform the most straightforward actions.

The same, handling current data, has five characteristics that define it:

As societies are always in constant change, the handling of money, in the same way, has changed over the years. Currently, the trend is being directed towards managing the global economy in a cashless manner, that is, without money on paper or physically. It is important to emphasise that only 8% of the world’s wealth is real or tangible, the rest is handled electronically. For the this is an essential task.

The significant advance of technology and how it influences our day to day has allowed large fields such as the economy to experience revolutions like this, which is summarised in an open system, based on transparency and the distributed consensus of all those who participate as users. Enabling the immediate disposition of what is owned and the possibility of high convertibility to any currency worldwide, eliminating the intermediaries and tax taxes that generally exist when moving money from one country to another.

Is it legal?

It could be considered an illegal system because it is not considered in-laws as something outside the legal. However, it is not a system adopted by most entities that reflect the management of money.

It is important to emphasise that its significant growth in these eight years, has made large banks and governments have been forced to recognise their importance in the market. While banks have created their cryptocurrencies and have included their use in their platforms, Japan was the first country to convert bitcoin into its second currency.

The future of cryptocurrencies

Experts are confident that the behaviour of this monetary system is projected to grow in the next two years, due to how it has been increasing its value since its inception. Currently, less than 1% of the world’s population handles bitcoins and its price is the US $ 8,000, by the time the user figure reaches 1% the value of this currency must have increased in exorbitant amounts.

As an investment that shows good projections, cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity in the international market because the return on investment is something that is reflected quickly. Many call it, the future of financial freedom. Before your investment you better have a proper idea for all these matters now.