Australians don’t have to show their winnings – Gobigwin and their lotteries

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When we hear about lotteries winners we envy at them but have you ever thought how much money do they pay the government? In some countries winners don’t have to pay anything, in others they regret about being lucky because of the number of papers they must sign. Reading Gobigwin we’ve found out about local laws and other information about online lotteries.

What about Australians?

It’s absolutely true that if you won an Australian lottery you pay nothing. There’re no taxes so you can make no doubt about playing, for example, Oz Lotto. Americans, Spaniards, and Italians are not so lucky. Their taxes can be huge, especially, if the prize is valuable.

Online lotteries

In spite of taxes, let’s think positively. Now you have a great chance to participate in any lottery in the world. Of course, if you’re more than 18 years old and your country doesn’t prohibit it. Buy any ticket using Gobigwin and appear in their “Winners” section, where they show winners’ future life.

The way this service works is very simple: you choose a lottery (there’s a big list of them), fill in the ticket according to the rules, and pay for the ticket and agent’s service. After that, the agent will go to the local store and buy a necessary ticket. As a result, there’ll be a photo and a confirmation of results in a special section. If you win something, the money will be on the personal account at once. Browse this website –

The winning tactics

It’s said that newcomers are the luckiest but it doesn’t mean you won’t win in future. Gobigwin posts articles devoted to strategy and choosing the best numbers in any lottery so anybody can read them and upgrade the skills in filling in a ticket.