6 Key Features of a sales automation

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Every sales automation is different. This difference comes from the features found in them. Since there are many options on the market, one should stay on the safe side when investing in an online marketing platform.


This is why we have put together a list of the six key features an sales automation should have.


Automation is essential in modern marketing. Since there are too many repetitive and boring tasks, with this feature you will minimize the risk of human error and enable your teams to be more productive.

Business Process Management

Marketing involves dozens of processes. A sales automation that can enable you to monitor, optimize, and reinvent existing and new process will put you ahead of your competition. Not to mention the productivity and efficiency benefit the best BPM practices offer. Read more about an sales automation powered by BPM by visiting bpmonline.com/l/sales/guide/automation.


Since your marketing team will have to go through a lot of data to devise smart marketing strategies, you have to allow them to go through the data at a fast pace. The search feature is a must-have in this new age, when every second counts.


Not everyone on the marketing team needs to have the same dashboard. With the customization feature, you can fine-tune the dashboard of your sales automation to meet the needs of every role found in your marketing team.

Dedicated Mobile App

Enable your marketing teams to become truly mobile with a dedicated mobile app. Some of the most renowned business software vendors include dedicated mobile apps as part of the package. Make sure that the vendor supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Collaboration Tools

To promote and enable collaboration between marketing team members you have to provide them with collaboration tools. The best marketing platforms come with a variety of these, ranging from instant messaging to enterprise social networks.


There you have it. These are the six key features an sales automation needs to have to meet the demands and needs of modern business models.